Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Can't

The Headbangin' Housewife hates I can't. I hate it even more when someone tells me what they think I can't do. These words make me cringe every. single. time. I hear them. More and more these days people are feeling sorry for themselves. "I can't pay the bills". " I can't save money." "I can't budget." "I can't use generic products." "I can't find a job." "I can't, I can't I can't!" Alright people, do you want to know about me? Someone told me 10 years ago that we'd never make it in California on one income. It's not possible. Homemakers don't exist anymore. I said, "Really? Watch me!" Just so we are real clear here, we're about two paychecks away from the low income bracket, so don't think "Yeah, it's real easy when you have one big income," because we don't. Not even close. Now, I do realize that countless people are experiencing real hard times right now. So many people have lost their jobs, homes, and lives as they once were. Honestly, my heart goes out to them. But I've seen, first hand, two different ways people are dealing with the recent losses. The first half of people are collecting their unemployment, whining on their couch, eating takeout, in front of their cable TV, wondering how they are going to pay their cell phone bill. These people are filled with "I can't." They are at the point where they won't even try, and wonder why they lost their house. Now, the other half, they definitely take a day or two to whine, and then moved on. They already cancelled the cable and cell phone service, started cooking more and planted a garden to help feed their family. They gladly returned their car and got a POS because that money could be better spent on the electric and water bill. These are the people filled with "I can, and I will." They realize that it's not glamorous, and it's definitely not going to make their credit rating pretty, but the main thing is that they are trying.

I won't lie, living on a low income is tricky business. It's down right scary at times, but you have to get back up, dust yourself off and be willing to work for improvement. If you're not willing to trade wants for needs, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

I'm sure I'll write more on this topic soon. But for now, I want you to ask yourself which category you fit in. Are you willing to put in the effort it takes to survive on less? You'd be surprised at the good that comes from it. The sense of pride and accomplishment is amazing. Then, instead of thinking "I can't," you'll be saying, "Really? Watch me!"

Until next time, rock on my friends!

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