Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baking Day 8/28/10 Crazy Insane Edition!

Hey rockers! It's great to be back to my blog! As much as I hate to see summer leaving, it feels great to get back into the "normal" routine of life. I won't lie, though, it's been rough getting started. Today I felt like I was making up for several weeks worth of baking and prep work, even though I'd still accomplished smaller baking days throughout the summer.
With the garden still giving like crazy, we had to plug back in our big old standing freezer. It's an awesome feeling to know that it will be full soon with the summer's garden goodness that will last us the coming months.
Here's today's goodies:
3 (yes 3) Zucchini Pies ( to be frozen)
2 batches of blueberry muffins (snacks and breakfasts)
1 big pan of chicken breasts ( for dinners this week)
1 batch Latte Bars (I haven't made these all summer, I swear!)
1 pan of apple snack cake (snacks and lunches)
1 batch of bread pudding (breakfasts)
1 big BBQ pizza (lunches, not pictured because it was still in the oven)
Still on the list:
a big batch of salsa (for the freezer)
a batch of corn bread (for tonight's dinner)
and a batch of Apple Butter. I can't wait to try this! I'm going to toss everything in the slow cooker tonight before bed. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll post the results tomorrow.
I hope you're all having a great weekend! I'm going to finish up in the kitchen and then get back to enjoying this Saturday outside.
Until next time, rock on my friends!

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