Thursday, April 8, 2010

Clearance Shopping!!

Remember when I posted about Easter Clearance last weekend? Well, I went to check out my local Target today. I got to the Easter aisle just as the super awesome store employee was changing the signs to 75% off! Check out all the goodies I got...
3 baskets to put away for next year
2 packs of silly putty to put away for summer
4 pkgs of marshmallows for baking or for banana boats
5 various egg dye kits
a package of fancy Wilton cookie cutters and a container of candy decorations for Mothers Day
2 talking eggs because they look fun for camping
4 packages of Playdoe
2 decks of cards for camping
2 packs of two gift bags for birthdays
1 pack of paper plates
1 pack of Easter tissue for next year
3 pkgs of Easter grass. Red for Valentines and Orange for Halloween
1 pkg Pixie Sticks
You'll never guess what I paid! I got all this for $20.83! The baskets alone would have cost me $24.00 if I'd have paid full price. I love my job on days like this! What kind of deals have you come across?
Until next time, rock on my friends!

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