Sunday, May 16, 2010

Baking Day 5/16/10

Happy Sunday rockers! I know I'm a little late getting this up, but it's been a bit hectic this weekend so I needed bump the baking up to today. Some of the things were do overs from last week which made it easy. I also shortened the initial "To bake" list for today because about half way through, it was getting way too warm in the house. Yes my friends, summer is coming. Note to self: plan better next week!!
I baked up a batch of peperoni olive pizza cups using this crust recipe. Super easy! I mix up the dough at the beginning of the baking day, while the oven pre heats. Then, it has a chance to rise while I get everything else done. Press chunks of the dough into your muffin cups and fill with whatever is in the fridge. Even though I used the pepperoni and olives today, I've also made them with barbecue sauce, cheese and chicken. Ham and cheese with bell peppers is another good combo. I cooked up a double batch of rice. I mixed a cup of brown rice in with the white rice today. The kids aren't diggin' the texture of the brown rice by itself, so I thought I'd try the mix. I'll use this for this casserole later in the week. I know we just had it last week, but everyone liked it so much, they requested it again. I got two loaves of banana bread done. I was out of oil, so I tried this recipe instead. I made another batch of bread pudding. I experimented with this last weekend and my youngest has decided it's his new favorite breakfast food. Eggs, bread, milk and dried fruit sounds like breakfast around here and I know it's got to be more nutritious than Captain Crunch. Finally, I made up yet another batch of Latte Bars. I can't believe these things haven't run their course. What is this? Four weeks straight I've made them? Not pictured are the two whole chickens that got baked up last night. We ate half of one for dinner last night, and then I'll be using the rest throughout the week. I'll post the menu tomorrow. Hubby got home early today and we got most of the garden work done yesterday, so for the rest of this afternoon we're going to be doing some prep work for our upcoming camping trip. We have a big hole in our tent that needs to be repaired. Good times! I'd rather be on a road trip to go see Korn. Oh wait! I get to do that too in about 26 days! Yay for the Headbangin' Housewife! Have a great rest of your weekend everyone! Until next time, rock on my friends!

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